Soundlab mini synth (MFOS)

Sound Lab Minisynth is coming...

The SoundLab features an implemented power supply (PDF) and a MIDI-interface (EFM 3505 MidiPort). No additional circuitry as S/H, DrumTrigger, changeable timing capacitors or such. Just Ray Wilsons SoundLab Minisynth for Music From Outer Space!

The whole thing is housed in a 1150 Pelicase, waterproof and certified for military use (US Navy and NATO approval) as for any situation where you need a bit more protection (i.e. dark clubs with flying beercups in the air).

^You can download the Schaeffer FPD Design here.

open case


Here is a short recording, all sound have been made withthe Soundlab.



I made this little VSTi using synthedit. The AR generator is not ready yet: The different trigger/ gate modes are not impemented. I did not know how to do it back then...


You can download it here.